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Why us?

Young Business Colleagues

Despite S&PLT being a relatively newly established business, we have over 15 years’ experience delivering bespoke Spanish and Portuguese language and cultural training for businesses. We teach all levels and needs.

We will help you thrive when doing business with companies or organizations from either Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries and cultures by tailoring our courses to your unique business sector and specific requirements.


All our teachers and trainers are not only native speakers, they are fully qualified and certified language teacher professionals (apart from holding a University Master's Degree on their subject of choice), who are able to use a variety of techniques to suit specific needs as they have studied language teaching methodology in depth and have experience in teaching for the major language schools in London. Furthermore, all our teachers have at least 5 years' experience in language and cultural training for the business sector.


We are not only passionate about languages and cultures; we are mainly passionate about sharing our knowledge with others.

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